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Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a home organizer?

A home organizer is that neutral person who can come in with a fresh perspective and help you get the job done. Have you found that when you try to tackle an organizing project on your own you feel overwhelmed and end up giving up mid-project? A home organizer can help you get to your final goal through their years of experience at structuring organizing projects. A good organizer knows the steps to take to achieve the results you want. A professional organizer has knowledge of what organizing products are out there. This can save time when looking for solutions for those organizational trouble spots.

What characteristics should I look for in a home organizer?

Here are few key traits to look for when hiring a home organizer:

  1. Neutrality – a good organizer remains neutral and can ask clarifying questions to help you decide, when unsure, what to keep or what to let go.

  2. Focus – that extra help to stay on task when you feel overwhelmed and are ready to give up.

  3. Enthusiasm – can’t beat a positive, enthusiastic person when it comes to tackling organizing projects.

  4. Know-how – experience in structuring organizing projects, from where to take donations, to product knowledge when shopping for organizing solutions.

How do I know I can trust you?

Your privacy is important to me. I follow NAPO’s code of Ethics. I am also happy to supply you with client references.

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