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About Bay Sage's Owner, Tori Bridges


I am an organizer with soul.  I don't want you to worry that I am some meanie who is going to come in and make you give away all your precious mementos. My main gig is to help you make space, so your home is...well...homey. So your great-grandmother’s handmade pottery can be showcased instead of lost in an attic. Or when you want have an impromptu getaway you don’t waste precious time trying to find your camping gear buried somewhere in the garage.

My work with you is simple… sort… keep what’s important… the rest will go (in the most eco-friendly way)… and the important stuff will be given a home, so you can always find it when you need it.

NAPO Member


I subscribe to the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) code of ethics. Please rest assured that your privacy is important to me. Also, I am not there to judge you. If you are feeling uncomfortable about me seeing that room that no one sees, please know that there is no judgment on my side.

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