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pegboard with wood
pastel paper
“If you don't know where yer at you can't see where your going”...


I like this Will Rogers quote... it highlights the importance of clarity. Clarity is a value that is important to me. I look for ways to be more clear and present in all that I do. In my experience, clutter clouds our ability to experience clarity. It is why I chose to be a home organizer, where my primary job is to help clients get rid of clutter and bring clarity to their homes or offices.


“I am really grateful for the positive impact she made on our intimate space and her friendly yet always graceful and professional manners."  

-Demi C

“I unreservedly refer anyone to Tori who is looking for a little less clutter and more sense in their world."  

-Edward C.

“She is so good at staying calm and holding space for other people's chaos during the process of clearing and organizing."


-London E

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